Patterns and Color Palettes: Styling Artwork in your Home

The first month of 2020 is over, and I am already excited for the adventures and opportunities this year is bringing. Stay tuned for a big year at Design Avenue! 

With time seemingly moving so fast, I can’t help but look forward to Spring here in North Carolina – the colors, weather, florals, and sunshine act as the ultimate home design inspiration. While it may be a little early to pack away the coats and scarves, it never hurts to plan ahead when it comes to transitioning your space. One of the most effective ways to do so: displaying artwork!

Personally, I think using artwork when styling homes is crucial, and one of the first steps in creating a cohesive design plan. Sometimes it can act as a statement piece or focal point that the design centers around, and other times it strategically ties two color schemes together. In any case, artwork is certainly not a design element that should be ignored.

At Design Avenue, one of our favorite art vendors is Left Bank Art. Their use of color, patterns, and texture is exquisite and truly holds the power to transform your home. Be sure to visit the store to browse available art from Left Bank and find your room’s perfect piece!

Color is Key

While the concept of picking the right colors seems simple, it’s surely not one to be overlooked. Whether it’s a combination of soft neutrals or a vibrant and bright array of colors, be sure the colors used tie into other aspects of the design, such as furniture, rugs, or throw pillows.

Pattern Matters

Patterns add an element of depth, and sometimes texture, in any room – and when in art form, it’s key that the patterns correlate with the overall design style. Always remember that the best designs emphasize the details and every element is strategically used to create a magical balance. Using an abstract statement piece in a more traditional design style would definitely throw off the equilibrium. 

Make it Personal

The great thing about artwork is that it can tell a story. Select art pieces that evoke emotion or remind you of sentimental, happy moments. Designing with personal touches instantly makes a space feel that much more special!

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