Well, that’s a wrap on Labor Day Weekend, which means we’re all suffering from the official end-of-summer denial. Temperatures will start to drop as the beach-trips and backyard barbecues wither away too, and we become tasked with adjusting to a new wardrobe for the new season (but we’ll take any excuse for a shopping day that we can get!).

When you begin packing-away your summer sundresses and bathing suits to make room for sweaters and scarves, it’s key to be efficient in re-organizing closet space for optimal storage. 

Enjoy these simple and affordable tips for making your closet-organization dreams turn true this season!

Downsize, Downsize, Downsize

We’re all guilty of it – holding on to that one blouse that has never been worn but could still come in handy one-day. First things first – in order to make room in your closet, it is crucial to be rid of excess clutter. Fill a laundry basket (or two!) of clothing items that you can sell, hand-down, or donate.

Visualize & Categorize 

As you begin the closet organization process, it is easy to become intimidated when staring at piles of clothes and shoes. To ease the intimidation, it is important to evaluate your wardrobe and sort by category in order to visualize how it can most efficiently fit in your closet space. If your stylish wardrobe consists of mostly blouses and blazers, it’s best to ensure you make the most space for hanging items. Once you begin to picture the layout of your closet, placing your items becomes that much easier.

Drawer Dividers = Lifesavers

Once you’ve mapped out your plan-of-attack when it comes to re-arranging your closet, it’s time to bring-in some helpful tools. The best part? They’re affordable! When it comes to closet-space, you often don’t have a lot of wiggle room. In order to keep everything in its place in a single drawer, simple drawer dividers can be sized and aligned to fit your exact spacing needs!

As we reluctantly pack-away our summer fashion favorites, we’re still excited to view the approaching fall season as a chance to reset, refocus, and reorganize!

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