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Add your personal touch to any room with accessories and lamps! These items are normally the finishing touch…..the “jewelry” of a room. Lamps & accessories can be the “wow” of a room – the transformation – the way to add color to a neutral palette or a way to bring in your favorite color.

Photo of a chair with table and home accessories sold by Design Avenue Home Furnishings, one of the premier furniture and lighting stores asheville NC.We can often change the overall look of a room with a new lamp or new accessories. This is an inexpensive way to give your room a “lift” without the complete overhaul. Accessories just like furniture can fit any style…..whether you are contemporary, traditional, mountain rustic or modern….Design Avenue Home Furnishings has something to fit your taste. If you are looking for a center piece for the dining area, a special touch for the cocktail table, items to give your built-ins life or an entry statement piece…Design Avenue Home Furnishings has a wide selection. If you are looking for a reading lamp or a lamp to light the way….you can choose from many different styles. We offer many different types of art….framed, wrapped canvas or metal art to fit any style home. You can find local, one of a kind pieces at Design Avenue Home Furnishings along with unique pieces that will be the envy of your neighbors!

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